Friday, January 4, 2013


Sometimes, looking at the big picture from far away, does really give us perspective on life. Great videos on planet Earth.

Trading vs Investing

對大部分的人來說,投資(Investing)比交易(Trading)合適. 但是很多自以為在投資的人,卻把它搞得像在交易. 這個article對想正確投資,又沒有時間一家家公司去分析的人,非常有幫助.
Keep Investing Simple

Jan 04 News

  • So the drama is over, but is the deal good or bad to the American? Honestly, these deals are so complicated that it's probably won't be known until months/years later. This blogger seems to believe American is the big loser.
  • Don't have on QEs. It's the biggest reason American can continue to spend while their real earning decrease. Sell couple shares of $AAPL and spend it away! --The Big Picture
  • Third time the charm? or Triple Top! --The Big Picture
  • If you want the safely, go with bond, historically. (Not sure that's right move now though) --Pragmatic Capital
  • Oh oh, they didn't... --Pragmatic Capital
  • Skill or luck? in sports and investing. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Toyota: Reborn

A Toyota that actually looks good! I’ll take one. (A different color please)